For The BEST In One Day CDL Training

Northland CDL Training, an Iowa company based in Mason City, has been providing a variety of training for individuals seeking a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), thus enabling their legal operation of vehicles defined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), as Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV). Northland CDL Training was founded by and is still privately owned by Randy and Janet Grey, in Mason City.  Randy and Janet, both "farm-kids" with family ties to the trucking industry sought to use some of that old fashion work ethic they were taught growing up, to provide quality training.  They were able to effectively use their backgrounds in education, safety training, business, trucking and interpersonal relationships to develop a program that has proven itself effective.

In 2008, Northland CDL branched out to offer a second location in Ankeny.  This was operated as an "affiliate location" and opened by a long time business associate, Ryan Sharp.  Ryan exited the business in 2011 and the Ankeny affiliate was taken over by Tommy Flinn, who continues successfully to provide the Northland CDL training standards in that area.

In 2010 a "Train & Test in One Day" program was also starting in Sheldon, through the cooperation with Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC).  While this program is limited to only one day per week and four students per day, it has proven to fit a need in Northwest Iowa for quality training and preparation prior to CDL testing.  It has become extremely popular.

In addition to private training, as educational contractors, Northland CDL provides all the instruction for North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC), Professional Driver Prep. Programs.  The education provided by these courses have been seen as so successful, multiple community colleges around the state now partner with us to bring a course to their campus.  

Starting with one training tractor/trailer, taken from their former wholesale business fleet, Northland CDL has grown to having the right equipment to meet the training needs and requirements of the industry. Pictured below is some of the fleet.


This also includes the use of "high-tech" L-3 Truck Driving Simulators. 


Through the use of this technology, our college program students are able to learn, develop the skills needed and become comfortable with the next steps in driving a "big-rig" before they climb aboard.  This is especially true when shifting multiple types of manual transmissions.  Then they can hit the road driving with much more confidence in one of our rigs as seen below.


Students in the NIACC Professional Driver Prep. Program roll in for a stop at an Iowa D.O.T. Scale.  As part of the over the road training, a scale stop is a valuable learning tool to prepare for the new career ahead.